Transform Exployee Service

The employee switchboard

Productivity and employee experience are two maxims that organisations keep very much in mind when designing the roadmap. Information becomes a key factor. Devices, machines and processes are connected with human action in order to discover data that can improve the day-to-day routine; from the product or service that is marketed, to the relationships of workers with each other and with the company's processes. This feedback is achieved thanks to a marriage of state-of-the-art technologies.

Transform Employe ServiceHowever, confinement has brought new challenges to the table. Direct contact has disappeared and now every step is taken through the computer. However, there are departments, such as Human Resources, that promote enriching experiences which become complicated when they are not live and direct: for example, onboarding. It is very difficult to welcome a new member of the team from a distance and without any human warmth.

Fortunately, Transform Employee Service makes this task easier and more productive. Not only is it there to help workers in the beginning of their new work adventure, but it also contributes to everything related to the employee side. It's like a virtual switchboard where you can go to solve any issue related to Human Resources; a way to gain the credibility and trust of those who make the company go further.

Not forgetting, of course, that it is always available through mobile applications, with which you can also: gain insight into the well-being of employees and their ability to return; interview workers and welcome them appropriately; check their temperature to ensure that it is within the acceptable parameters; and use the results to start planning the workspace and bookings, among many other features. 

Why do you need it?

  • It increases the efficiency of shared services when employees request assistance at a unified service centre
  • It automates processes
  • It hides complexity
  • It improves employee experience by providing a single place to get everything they want easily from HR
  • It eliminates the silo approach, which complicates the evolution of the company and the implementation of good practices
  • It reduces the number of incidents by providing employees with relevant, accurate and consistent information from all departments
  • It provides a quick way to communicate important and relevant information to specific groups of employees

This technology will help advance both business and learning processes, since many of the options will be self-service so that people are able to help themselves according to their needs.

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