Setup Virtual Agents

Real-time support: your business challenge for today

Your employees expect to easily get what they need whether they are at the office or working from home. They want it now: they don't have the patience to browse web portals and struggle to find what they want in knowledge bases. They demand real-time assistance.

But that real-time support can't always be provided by an IT or an HR department. These departments are often overloaded and as such, give lower priorities to repetitive and routine employee requests. Often, they don't get what they want, and frustration grows as they wait for a response. Does this sound familiar?

Now imagine that all of those requests have to be made from remote because all of your workers are now working from home. Probably the volume of requests will increase, the pace of work will slow down, and production will start to fall. What can you do about it?

Setup Virtual Agents

Increasingly, companies are turning to the intelligent automation of these services in order to drive new levels of operational efficiency, while simultaneously improving employee, and therefore customer, satisfaction. It's time for virtual agents.

What is more, it’s a solution that can be quickly implemented and it’s capable of meeting today's needs. For example, an improvement in service by making it easier to request help or solve problems by enabling end-users to communicate with a chatbot in simple language without having to resort to your service desk resource. You will also improve efficiency in your business by automating requests or tasks across the enterprise.

You've probably heard this before, but what differentiates this technology solution from others available on the market? Or put another way, how can I adapt this process to my needs?

Virtual agents can customise experiences for your end users. It’s not a question of generalising but of adapting to your needs in order to be more effective. An effectiveness that will be based on the characteristics of your business so that the requests and consultations will be more agile than if they were made by asking another person. All this along with the security measures needed to avoid and control information-related risks.

Inside the task catalogue you will find:

  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tutorials
  • Record query or update, such as for case or incident status
  • Data collection, such as files to be forwarded to a third party
  • Diagnostics performance
  • Multi-step problem solving

SilverStorm, with over than 17 years’ experience in Digital Transformation, puts the automation of these support tasks in your company with ServiceNow Virtual Agent. Make remote working as effective as working in the office.

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