Secure Access Management

Efficient access management

Accesses are a security and control tool in any company, since they authenticate people who request access to a certain place both physical and logical. This step guarantees essential traceability in these times when organisations move between office and home.

However, it is essential that this situation does not cause chaos and the heads of departments don’t end up assigning the wrong roles and, therefore, giving keys that open doors that endanger the business. We must not forget that information is power.

Secure Access ManagementSecure Access Management guarantees that the correct role is granted based on the person's profile, location and job position in relation to the criteria that the applicant has filled in, which reduces costs and increases efficiency in the execution of tasks. Therefore, it is a centralised service that facilitates the management of incorporations in a productive way, as well as ensuring that this new user has the appropriate accesses.

It is a new office companion with which to reduce incidents, gaps and fraud stemming from the mismanagement of roles and a lack of visibility in physical and logical accesses. With this comprehensive solution, you also have an auditing system to see who is granting permissions to what or to whom, and to ensure that there are no typical problems such as duplication of users.

Secure Access Management provides a system to audit the physical and logical accesses that are granted, since it registers who gives it and who receives it, as well as the process of all the agents involved in solving a ticket or request.

What problems can be solved?

  • Difficulty in knowing what role to give a user based on their profile
  • Many requests related to access management
  • Lack of agility in the implementation of the onboarding
  • Security problems and protection of confidential information
  • Employee frustration and loss of productivity when needing more time to start working
  • Cloning of users, which gives a bad image to the IT department
  • Saturation of the service desk, loss of time and inability to improve the service
  • Impact on the brand image and general mistrust of the company
  • Lack of automation in access management

This service allows authorised users to make use of the IT department, data or other assets, while preventing the granting of rights to unauthorised persons. Moreover, it shows added value in this situation where the hybrid model, that is, employees who perform their functions remotely and workers who come to the offices, requires an increase in the security and automation of the process.

It is the solution that companies betting on Digital Transformation need, since it centralises in a single module all the internal management of workers and their accesses that they have to carry out on the ServiceNow platform.

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