Assess Business Continuity

The complete dashboards for business

Without having a global vision of the organisation, it is very hard to know which keys have to be pressed to achieve the expected results. Managers must know what is happening in other areas of the company, beyond their field of activity. This is especially true in times of pandemics, where the health crisis caused by COVID-19 has disrupted the plans of most companies. Nothing is the same and it is essential not to waste time in order to continue with the least possible incidents along the roadmap set out.

What’s clear is that having an overall picture improves efficiency. Assess Business Continuity was created to analyse the client's business processes, know their current situation and make a diagnosis. The work variables caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus in our lives are entered into it, such as remote work, the hybrid situation of people in offices and at home, security problems caused by working in environments outside the control of the IT department, health, legal compliance...

These are issues that must be laid out on the table because above all they lead to an impact both on the business and on the finances: inefficiency, lack of productivity and communication, security breaches... To tackle this problem and depending on the findings, we offer our clients a roadmap to mitigate the risks or to solve the problems mentioned above, using technology. On the way we consider it essential that the implementation of recommendations and solutions are carried out in the medium to long term.

Our experts will sit down with the client to understand their challenges and needs and evaluate the current technological landscape to determine areas for improvement. The next step will be to implement the remediation plan to ensure or improve business continuity which will include the main points: value, risk, effort, cost, resources and duration.

Companies will be able to walk the path of Digital Transformation with a consultancy firm with over 17 years of experience in implementing disruptive and sustainable projects; very necessary experience to face a new situation, where it is essential to automate the processes, that technology be compatible with the activity undertaken and to be efficient in remote work, as well as in managing the risks. The pandemic has revealed many weaknesses that organisations have, which are very important to address in order to move forward in anticipating the needs of a changing market like the current one.

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