Measure Remote Working Experience

The digital experience ally for remote-working employees

Working remotely can be confusing for employees. They feel isolated and unmotivated, which affects their productivity. However, this perspective can be changed if managed properly. The first step is to have an effective infrastructure, where each worker can find their place and can solve all the challenges they have. That’s necessary since each person responds differently to cultural change and the challenges of the home-work environment.

Measure Remote Working ExperienceThe point is that this is unknown terrain for everyone. A situation where communication is fundamental, it allows us to define a new routine where everyone feels that they form part of a team in spite of the circumstances. To do this, apart from providing the necessary technology, it is essential to understand what lies behind every click made by the employees, this even includes their feelings. They are the most valuable part of the business and their satisfaction should be a priority.

The challenge now is to manage the remote work experience. All communication, collaboration and support processes that work in the office must be adapted to working at home. Even in isolation, each team member must be given the best possible support. SilverStorm does this through Nexthink's Remote Working Experience Library Pack.

Nexthink offers the chance to control the situation in what are uncertain times; it provides us with a detailed description of the digital experience for our remote workers. It also quickly identifies problems, it can monitor the performance of all the applications being used and it can even measure network response times in order to instantly and proactively provide solutions to employee issues.

Similarly, the solution correlates users' experience with the technology, both technical metrics as well as their feelings. It makes sure that any incident is solved so that this circumstance does not impact on productivity. Moreover, the technology used even asks the worker if it can help with any digital resource based on the use observed during the previous working days. It’s a two-way communication tool that collects objective and subjective data.

Measure Remote Working ExperienceThis international consultancy firm helps companies implement a solution that provides key information on all the company's collaboration tools, firewall and VPN compliance. And it does so from a single viewpoint. It can also identify configuration errors and send actions to employee devices to enforce security standards.

It is therefore very useful for ensuring the adoption and performance of Microsoft Teams, monitoring network performance, identifying disruptions employees suffer as well as managing Shadow IT. These are giant steps forward for all departments to be aligned with the organisation's strategy.

Nexthink’s solutions permit an effective management of your home-work environment. Nexthink Engage, allows the IT area to proactively communicate with workers in real time, no matter where they are, so that they are informed and so that feel supported. This is important, because it is estimated that every employee spends more than 22 minutes a day on technology-related issues. Nexthink Act ensures that the entire IT environment is working without impacting on the day-to-day lives of employees. For example, it uninstalls non-compatible programmes. Finally, Nexthink Analytics and the Digital Experience Score, provide full visibility of the employee's experience at work, no matter where they are physically working.

In short, SilverStorm helps all companies that want to provide the best service to their teams. The solution proactively finds and fixes incidents, facilitates employee collaboration, keeps all programmes up to date, communicates with workers on an ongoing basis, promotes self-help, informs IT managers of critical services, removes the threat of Shadow IT, as well as generating real-time feedback from people who are working from home.


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