Link ServiceNow To Communications Tools

Don’t let the lack of communication stop you

Communication is the most important thing in a company’s organisation, especially at a time when it is critical to maintain business development. The new work scenario makes information to flow through different channels, working quickly and without interruptions.

No services can be allowed to stop, and what is more, the connectivity between each service is critical. Emails or phone calls are not enough to organise work these days. The reality is that your company has all the pieces of the puzzle but cannot put them together. The challenge is to achieve a successful integration of all the necessary solutions for the correct and effective development of the business.

Link To ServiceNow to Communication ToolsThe solution requires a framework for the different platforms to build, test, run and monitor integrations, thus avoiding the ‘pieces from not fitting together’. Successfully centralising authentication, connectivity and protocol communication will help all processes to flow freely. Bi-directional communication and access to all the data is also a fundamental requirments when integrating multiple applciations and data sources. The system should also standardise the way integrations are built, permitting effective monitoring and control.

But you may be asking yourself, why bother to look for a solution that integrates all these pieces of the puzzle. Surely over time, applications will be integrated. Well, it is precisely time that is the critical factor. The current world of work has forced us to think fast and adapt even faster. Just because we have everything we need to function well, does not mean that we can get to where we want to go quickly, safely and with the lowest possible cost in both the implementation and the subsequent maintenance of different solutions.

SilverStorm through the ServiceNow Integration Hub module provides you with a secure and centralised framework. In the present situation, more than ever, it is necessary to unify communication such as emails and notifications from your tools like Teams, Zoom, Slack or HipChat. This will provide greater efficiency to your workers, and all the information can be consulted on a single platform for daily use, without having to resort to access other applications or programmes. Everything in one click away.

Don’t wait to find out that the pieces don’t fit. Don’t wait to see that you aren’t getting the most out of DocuSign, Sharepoint, Teams, Zoom, Slack or Docker because you haven’t integrated them with your ServiceNow platform. Remember that tomorrow may already be too late. We have the knowledge and the perfect solution so that you can complete the puzzle in your business and in the shortest possible time.

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