Ensure Employee Health and Workplace Safety

De-escalation on your mobile

Ensure Employee Health and Workplace SaCompanies are now moving towards what is being called the new normality, always bearing in mind that the coronavirus will not disappear in the short run. For this reason, they are starting to implement strict protocols for the return to work, with the aim of keeping the virus out of the offices. In this process, doubts and fears of possible contagion arise.

In each organization the de-escalation plan is different and adapted to the needs; however, there is a common denominator that drives the organization of employees, the individual protection equipment, and health and safety. The ideal would be to have everything unified on one platform. This possibility exists and is also accessible from your mobile phone.

Ensure Employee Health and WorkPlace Safety is based on four applications and a dashboard that guide companies through the essential steps to return to the workplace with the necessary health guarantees. In addition, this solution puts an end to the lack of visibility between departments and units. Clearly, isolated approaches make it hard to implement enterprise-wide and continuous improvement practices.

Automating and optimizing compliance activities is critical, but not enough to meet the expectations of new employees, who demand information and materials to fight the pandemic. If the company puts these tools within their reach, everything will work in a healthier and safer way and those fears and frictions will disappear.

What applications do we offer?

Employee Readiness Surveys

  • Helps organizations measure the work atmosphere
  • Collects employees' answers to a series of questions that address personal readiness and their level of interest in returning
  • Determines the necessary and appropriate steps to ensure a safe return

Employee Health Screening

  • Ensures compliance with health-related requirements such as temperature control and personal protective equipment
  • Determines if the workplace is safe
  • Provides reports to view trends by site and record employee return to the facility

Workplace Safety Management

  • It offers the possibility of quickly setting up clean and hygienic workspaces, while maintaining the marked safety distance
  • Assign shifts for employees to occupy these workspaces for a specified period of time and set cleaning schedules at the end of each shift
  • Provides a real-time view of both workspace and common area reservations, as well as the status of cleaning tasks, including a complete tracking history

Workplace PPE Inventory Management

  • Manages and controls the need for masks and personal protective equipment to ensure safety
  • The application control panel provides a complete view of inventory by facility, as well as an overview of the entire workplace and historical data on how levels have changed over time
  • Inventory levels can be updated daily for accurate, real-time analysis


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