Drive Digital Adoption

The compass that guides employees through business applications

Remote working has arrived by force, with quite a few companies probably not having done their homework. This will mean limited productivity, accessibility and visibility. All the physical communication channels have disappeared, and many sales actions have been cut off by the cancellation of events.

However, the demands on the business continue, with clear goals and solid financial results being more necessary that ever, all this is a world of work that has dramatically changed in just a period of a few weeks.

Technology will be a solution that is always there. It is the best companion in what are uncertain times. Why? The reason is very simple: its diverse and just lately, it’s disruptive. Of course, to implement them, it is essential to have a team of professionals who, apart from having the necessary knowledge, also possess a detailed vision of how Digital Transformation should be progressed. This is where SilverStorm comes in.Drive Digital Adoption

Can you imagine a self-service platform that maintains productivity? It exists and, in addition, it is available 24 hours a day. It provides support every day, reduces the demand for IT resources and improves user satisfaction. WalkMe transforms the experience. Employees are more efficient and productive, and executives have broad visibility in the use of business applications. Organisations can maximise the total value of their assets and be successfully guideed through every step they need to take. Similarly, it facilitates the onboarding of new employees by eliminating the need for user manuals and face-to-face sessions.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, this layer helps workers complete any task as it interacts with them in learning about their needs and providing them with everything they need to move forward. It is reliable and scalable. It also automates repetitive tasks, which makes it easier to incorporate new tools and users. Added to this is the streamlining of business processes.

Communication is essential. This solution shares important news and updates, guides employees through common challenges, and tracks notifications to see if they have been received and, above all, if the information has been understood. At the same time, it reduces the expenses related to software by discovering unused licences, duplicated systems or rarely used products.

Drive Digital AdoptionIt is possible to analyse software usage, productivity and employee experience. How? It offers metrics on when a person clicks, how long it takes to complete return an answer, and even what it takes to complete a transaction. WalkMe offers information on the experience and productivity of the users of business applications.

SilverStorm brings its 17 years of experience to the forefront of Digital Transformation projects, and it does so with the most appropriate talent and solutions. In this case, it accompanies and advises those companies that want to have a complete vision of their ecosystem and their most critical services remotely, and, above all, those that want to find out about employee productivity. This is an invisible support system that is always.


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