Build Agile Business Operations

The agility your business needs to increase productivity

If you want to provide your company with more agility, even when some of the collaborators work remotely, with planning and team management solutions to adapt to business priorities that change at the speed of light, you need Build Agility Business Operations.

Build Agile Business OperationsIn this way, progress and goal setting will continue their course, without disconnections or incidents. You will be able to exchange procedures that typically use Outlook or Excel for an innovative platform, which can even be used from your mobile anywhere and anytime, so you know what a person is doing, what still needs to be finished, what problems have been detected in that task, and the time it has taken to execute, among other aspects.

You have data that will help increase the productivity of the teams, since the managers will know how much time it has taken each person to carry out each initiative and thus, the plans will be based on reliable information that will help organise the next days, weeks, months or years. Controlling and measuring each movement will be at your fingertips. Everything can be automated, which will go a long way for companies with large teams, since the platform even provides the estimated effort for each activity.

What will you get out of implementing this service?

  • Visibility of your teams, allowing you to analyse dependencies, capacity and know when they are overloaded
  • Agile Kanban control panels preconfigured to see the status and details of each person’s work
  • Be able to manage all the work on a single platform
  • Gain visibility into your team’s work and organise upcoming activities, even while you’re on the go because it can be accessed from your mobile
  • View the organisation of the department through an interactive task panel that can be dragged and dropped
  • Be able to review all the work, which saves time and costs
  • Help managers build plans based on reliable information
  • Prediction of immediate work level
  • Faster deliveries with more accurate planning
  • Friendlier user interface


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