Assess Business Continuity

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The sudden and forced necessity to implement a home-working service is proving to be a monumental test for current Digital Transformation programs. Having the necessary tools to hand as well as ensuring that processes are well-defined is the key to dealing with the ever-changing situation. However, it’s not just about working from home; businesses in this new world of work face many different challenges, so in order to help our customers through these difficult times, SilverStorm has decided to do its part by supporting organisations with a combination of innovative services.

Asses Business ContinuityThis international consultancy firm has incorporated a new service to its Digital Transformation portfolio, called Assess Business Continuity. It is a transformation plan that focuses on achieving rapid results through the application of existing solutions and/or new technologies that can be implemented at the speed of light. The goal, despite the new world of work that we face, is that organisations continue to meet their business demands and objectives.

The service includes the realisation of a preliminary study of the continuity of the company revolving around two key points: an online session to understand the challenges and needs which must be taken care of, and an evaluation of the current technological landscape to determine areas for improvement. This preliminary study has no associated cost.

Once the preliminary study has been completed, SilverStorm will provide a business continuity plan, that focuses on improvements that can be delivered over a four week period of time. The plan centres on solutions that guarantee quick benefits in order to address the critical challenges customers face. Each solution will include a business case with the following points: value to be obtained, associated risk, required effort, total cost, resources needed and duration to complete.

SilverStorm, with over 17 years of experience in Digital Transformation programs, is able to provide the consulting services associated with each enhancement, through a flexible bag of hours to be used in conjunction with the customer. In addition, SilverStorm will hold an on-line session with the customer to review the benefits obtained. What is more, SilverStorm will also be able to help the customer with possible next steps or further improvements.


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