Accelerate Digital Adoption

Employees guided through business applications

Remote working is a concept that companies are increasingly taking into account as a way of carrying out the working day. The point is that a problem in the office can be solved easily thanks to that colleague who is always there to help you out, but a doubt at home can lead to many unproductive hours.

How can you avoid wasting time with technology? When employees are faced with a new computer programme for the first time, conflicts arise that end up at the IT department. The result: a collapse in the service desk due to the volume of repeated tickets and the abandoning of projects that are transcendental for the company.

Accelerate Digital AdoptionTo its rescue comes Accelerate Digital Adoption, a service that guides users through any business application. It’s a very special GPS that predicts in real time what employees need and provides it to them. It also reduces training periods by updating processes and launching new features. Its secret: artificial intelligence. Thanks to it, it discovers the behaviours that lead to mistakes and it eliminates the wasted time that is spent looking for that answer that never arrives.

Other added values of this solution are the interaction with workers at the moment they need help in order to maximize results, the monitoring of the adoption of key processes and features over time, and the interpreting of natural language to improve front-end automation.

In this way, companies help users have a positive digital adoption and guide them in their adaptation. Since they are used to always using the same tool, when it is changed or modified, it can cause confusion because they think technology should work by itself. In addition, organisations have one desire: to offer an optimal and unified digital experience, although the departments are very different, and it is very hard for one tool to work for all cases.

With Accelerate Digital Adoption you can to go further along the path of Digital Transformation without spending so much time, money and resources. How?

  • It improves onboarding and training
  • By driving user adoption
  • It introduces new processes and enables change management
  • It provides efficient support and reduces incidents
  • By monitoring and tracking and undertaking personal control
  • By providing a unified experience throughout the company

The solution is, on the one hand, support for employees so they know the steps to follow when using the web, software or an application and, on the other hand, a tool that improves the user experience and increases productivity. Through this SaaS, employees won’t have to dive into tedious handbooks to learn how the programmes they use work. It also encourages self-service, increases conversion rates and reduces service desk costs.

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