7 concrete and tangible ways to transform your organization

Download this Webinar and learn from the real success story of OHL

After 15 years of helping organizations transform their organization into IT, SilverStorm has developed a system called Digital Transformation Strategy that provides Vision, Direction and Experience on the way to success. This methodology is developed in a case of real success that we will show during the webinar in which the OHL company explains the value that IT, ServiceNow and SilverStorm brings to your organization.

Supported by ServiceNow, a leader in the Service Management market and provider of a SaaS cloud platform, we will demonstrate during the webinar how to:

  1. Modernize IT operations
  2. Improve the end user experience with virtual agents / bots
  3. Give users and equipment the mobility they need
  4. Automate workflows
  5. Automate provision and eliminate manual tasks
  6. Use machine learning to improve processes
  7. Get instant online analysis and predictions