Predictions 2017: Artificial Intelligence Will Drive The Insights Revolution

For too long, customer insights (CI) professionals have been in the shadows of functional silos, unable to scale their expertise beyond specific marketing and commerce use cases. But insightsdriven firms that truly gain strategic competitive advantage from insights are showing us how CI practices can rise up to become strategically relevant across all parts of the business. this report makes predictions on how artificial intelligence (aI) and big data technology, customer context, and the strategic prioritization of insights will make 2017 the year of the insights revolution.

Key Findings

■ CI Will Be Liberated By Artificial Intelligence 2017 will be the year when businesses gain direct access to powerful customer insight via new cognitive interfaces and other aI-related tech

■ Customer context Will Become A CI Norm Deriving insights from contextual customer data from mobile and other internet-of-things (Iot) devices will become mainstream in 2017.

■CI Will Drive change Across The enterprise the appointment of data and insights executives and the investment in enterprise customer data projects will place CI pros at the center of business transformation

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